The Ryan Aeronautical Company was founded by T. Claude Ryan in San Diego, California, USA in 1934. Part of Teledyne after 1969, Northrop Grumman purchased Teledyne Ryan in 1999. Ryan built several historically and technically significant aircraft, including two famous V/STOL designs, but its most successful production aircraft would be the Ryan Firebee line of unmanned drones used as targets and unmanned air vehicles.

Ryan PT-22 Recruit

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The Ryan PT-22 Recruit was the first monoplane primary trainer aircraft used by the United States Army Airforces. The PT-22 had a notoriously high landing speed for a primary trainer, specified to give pilots a realistic experience when compared to fighter aircraft. The PT-22 used a Kinner engine with a particularly idiosyncratic exhaust configuration which gives the aircraft its very particular sound and sonic signature.

Ryan PT22 Recruit, June 2007

Ryan PT22 Recruit, recorded June 2007

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Ryan PT22 Recruit, August 2009

Ryan PT-22 Recruit recorded August 2009 at the Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden Aerodrome.

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